Arkansas high school football has a rich tradition that reflects the state's passion for the sport. From small towns to larger cities, the gridiron has been a stage for communities to come together and celebrate the spirit of competition. In this comprehensive summary, we'll explore the all-time rankings of some iconic Arkansas high school football teams, examining their successes, key players, and the cultural significance they hold within the state.

One of the perennial powerhouses in Arkansas high school football is the Pulaski Academy Bruins. With an all-time ranking that reflects sustained success, the Bruins have become synonymous with innovative offensive strategies and a commitment to excellence. Coached by the innovative Kevin Kelley, Pulaski Academy has secured numerous state championships and gained national attention for its unconventional approach, including a penchant for rarely punting and frequently attempting onside kicks. The Bruins' high-scoring and entertaining style of play has made them a fixture in Arkansas football lore and a model for other programs looking to think outside the traditional playbook.

Down in the northwest corner of the state, the Springdale Bulldogs have established themselves as a force in Arkansas high school football. With an all-time ranking that reflects their consistent competitiveness, the Bulldogs have produced notable alumni such as NFL quarterback Mitch Mustain. Coached by Gus Malzahn, the Bulldogs' spread offense revolutionized Arkansas high school football and contributed to Malzahn's reputation as an offensive mastermind. Springdale's impact extends beyond the gridiron, influencing the coaching landscape in the state and inspiring future generations of players and coaches.

In the heart of Little Rock, the Little Rock Central Tigers have left an indelible mark on Arkansas high school football. With an all-time ranking that showcases their rich history, the Tigers have been a consistent contender in the state's football scene. Coached by icons like Wilson Matthews, Little Rock Central has secured multiple state championships and produced NFL talents such as Barry Foster. The program's resilience and commitment to excellence have made it a symbol of pride for the local community and a respected name in Arkansas high school football.

Venturing to the northeast, the Batesville Pioneers have etched their own legacy in Arkansas high school football. With an all-time ranking that reflects their competitive spirit, the Pioneers have been a consistent presence in the state's football landscape. Coached by local legend Carl "Mac" McCarty, Batesville High School has secured numerous conference and state championships. The program's impact extends beyond the football field, serving as a source of community pride and a beacon for aspiring young athletes in the region.

Heading to the south-central part of the state, the Camden Fairview Cardinals have risen to prominence in Arkansas high school football. With an all-time ranking that mirrors their sustained success, the Cardinals have become a force in the state's football scene. Coached by Buck James, Camden Fairview has captured multiple conference and state championships, showcasing a commitment to excellence on and off the field. The program's influence extends beyond the football community, contributing to the overall sports culture in Arkansas.

In conclusion, the all-time rankings of Arkansas high school football teams showcase the diversity, talent, and rich history of the sport in the Natural State. From the northwest to the south-central regions, each team's journey is woven into the cultural fabric of Arkansas. The legendary programs mentioned here – Pulaski Academy, Springdale, Little Rock Central, Batesville, and Camden Fairview – exemplify the enduring spirit of Arkansas high school football, where Friday nights are not just games but cultural events that unite communities and inspire the dreams of young athletes.

1. Greenwood - 373 Points

Overall record: 120-17
The Bulldogs haven't missed the Top 25 rankings in the past 10 years, and have claimed six state titles since 2004.

2. Bentonville - 302

Overall record: 91-29
Bentonville has won three 7A state championships since 2004, as well as being ranked the state's top team five times.

3. Fayetteville - 268

Overall record: 83-37-2
Fayetteville has participated in four 7A state title games since 2004, coming out the victor in three of them, including back-to-back championships in 2011 and 2012.

4. Shiloh Christian (Springdale) - 236

Overall record: 99-29-1
The Saints played in five straight state championship games from 2006-10. They took home the hardware four of those times, including a three-peat from 2008-10.

5. El Dorado - 232

Overall record: 84-39-1
El Dorado has four Top 10 finishes since 2004, as well as four 6A state titles.

6. Pulaski Academy (Little Rock) - 226

Overall record: 112-21-1
The Bruins have nine Top 20 finishes and two state titles since 2004.

7. Southside (Fort Smith) - 217

Overall record: 72-45-2
Despite having six Top 10 finishes, Southside holds claim to just one 7A state title since 2004.

8. Nashville - 196

Overall record: 110-24
Nashville has finished in the Top 25 every year since 2005, claiming three state titles in the process.

9. Har-Ber (Springdale) - 189

Overall record: 67-31
The Wildcats finished the 2009 season with the No.1 ranking and a 7A state championship. They have seven Top 10 finishes since 2007.

10. Charleston - 186

Overall record: 117-14
Charleston has four state titles and one runner-up finish since 2004.

11. Junction City - 162

Overall record: 110-19-1
The Dragons hold claim to four 2A state titles and two undefeated seasons since 2008.

12. West Memphis - 156

Overall record: 91-29-1
West Memphis finished in the Top 25 every year from 2004-12. They reached the No. 4 rank in 2005 after a runner-up finish.

13. Fairview (Camden) - 153

Overall record: 97-28
Fairview has seven Top 25 finishes since 2004, including two runner-up finishes and one state title.

14. Lake Hamilton (Pearcy) - 126

Overall record: 83-38
The Wolves finished at No. 7 in 2008 after winning their first 6A state title since 2004.

15. North Little Rock - 120

Overall record: 76-41
The Charging Wildcats have finished in the Top 25 every year since 2004.

16. Springdale - 110

Overall record: 63-48-1
In 2005 Springdale won its only 5A state championship since 2004, also holding the No. 1 rank.

17. Pine Bluff - 106

Overall record: 69-49-2
Pine Bluff has six straight Top 25 finishes since 2008, as well as three runner-up finishes.

18. Bryant - 102

Overall record: 79-33-2
The Hornets have only missed the Top 25 once since 2004 despite never winning a state championship.

19. Central Arkansas Christian (North Little Rock) - 101

Overall record: 76-40-2
The Mustangs have one 3A state title, and one runner-up finish since 2004.

19. Warren - 101

Overall record: 95-29-1
Warren has two runner-up finishes since 2004.

After compiling data since 2004, we have come up with the 20 best high school football programs in Arkansas.

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